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Sterile Blocks

In the wake of a number of fires in communal areas, the Council has taken action to increase safety for tenants – by introducing a Sterile Environment policy.

The policy will ensure our blocks comply with current best practice by making sure that all communal areas are kept clear of any items.

The move is based on the advice of the Fire Service, which says that the implementation of a Sterile Environment policy in our blocks of flats will increase tenant safety and safeguard against the threat of fire.

In the event of a fire in a block of flats, we run a ‘stay put’ policy. Tenants in unaffected flats are advised to remain in their properties while the Fire Service deals with the incident. However, the policy is undermined when items are stored in communal areas - such as shared stairways and landings – as they provide fuel for fires to spread between properties, while potentially impeding access for firefighters.

We are working closely with tenants to make sure the policy is implemented as smoothly as possible.

Of particular danger to residents are mobility scooters. These vehicles have a poor safety record and have been the cause of many serious fires. As a consequence, they will soon be banned from all of our communal areas, along with all other items. This video demonstrates the hazard that mobility scooters present.

We are delivering the policy in Phases. Phase 1, which went live on 1 November 2016, covered the following blocks:

1-11 Highfield Crescent
13-23 Highfield Crescent
25-35 Highfield Crescent
53-59 Highfield Crescent
65-71 Highfield Crescent
115-117B Highfield Road
119-121B Highfield Road
123-129B Highfield Road
150-156 Highfield Road
33-37B Sackville Street
39-51B Sackville Street
53-57Sackville Street
13-39 Grafton Street

Phase 2 will go live on 1 February 2017 and will include:

71-73B Albert Street
30-36B Alexandra Street
38-44B Alexandra Street
46-52B Alexandra Street
57-59B Alexandra Street
61-63B Alexandra Street
65-67B Alexandra Street
70-72B Alexandra Street
74-76B Alexandra Street
16-19 Spring Gardens
20-23 Spring Gardens
4-7 Spring Gardens
8-11 Spring Gardens
49-52 Well Lane
57-59B Highfield Road
61-63B Highfield Road
65-67B Highfield Road
69-75B Highfield Road
77-79B Highfield Road
93-95B Highfield Road

Phase 3 will go live on 1 May 2017 and will include:

1-15B Arthurs Way
2-4B Arthurs Way
24-32A Ford Street
46-52 Bayes Street
51-57 Bayes Street
54-60 Bayes Street
59-65 Bayes Street
28-30A Scott Road
50-52A Weekley Glebe Road
78-80A Weekley Glebe Road
119-141 King Street
2-6A Edith Road
1-4B Barnes Close
5-6B Barnes Close
7-8B Barnes Close
3-6B Fishton Close
5-8B Roughton Close
9-10B Roughton Close
2-4B Whiteford Drive
6-12B Whiteford Drive

Phase 4 will go live on 1 September 2017 and will include:

18-32 Gold Street
34-60 Gold Street
1-7 High Street
85-91 Avondale Road
1-8 Blackthorn Close
54-68 Brambleside
70-84 Brambleside
49-55 Cora Road
1-15B Gloucester Close
5-13 Stuart Close & 60 Alfred Street
2-8A Thorngate Street
27-29B Thorngate Street
44-54 Thorngate Street
24-29 Albion Road
2-16 Buccleuch Street
22-28 Buccleuch Street
2-16 Cobden Street
25-35 Duke Street
82-84A Weekley Glebe Road
19-21B Station Road
1A-3C William Street

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