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Kettering Museum and Art Gallery: Talks

Friends of Kettering Art Gallery and Museum

£3 per person, free to Friends Members. Available on the door, no advance booking required.
For further information, see our website or contact the chairperson on 01536 518 941.

All talks start at 7:30pm

All talks are hosted at the Alfred East Art Gallery.

'Magic Lantern Show' by Kevin Varty

Thursday 19 February 

Kevin VartyThis is a history of magic lanterns, which were invented in the 1650s, some two hundred years before photography. The talk covers the developments in the lanterns from their heyday in the 1870s up to their demise in the 1950s.

The lanterns and the glass slides are all original items. This Magic Lantern presentation shows the heavily censored illustrations of the early years of the Great War taken from popular newspapers which were then made into glass slides for public exhibition.

'1914 - A fateful year for Kettering and the World' by John Stanyard 

Thursday 19 March

Most people think that 1914 started in June with the assassination in Sarajevo. Whilst the key event in 1914 was the start of World War I, other things were happening throughout the year both here in Kettering and in the wider world.

'1914 - A fateful year' looks at some of the national and international events of 1914 as well as what was happening closer to home here in Kettering. The talk also features a then and now comparison between Kettering in 1914 and 2014.

'Forty Years On - The Solomon Islands Then And Now' by John Wilson and AGM at 7pm

Thursday 30 April

At 7:45pm on Thursday 30th April 2015 (following the AGM of the Friends at 7pm), John Wilson, Chair of the Friends will give an illustrated talk on his recent working visit to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific. He will compare it with his first visit in 1976 and share some thoughts on the development of the country and of the South Pacific region in general.

'The Art of War - Warfare, Battles and the History of Art' by Phil Steele

Thursday 21 May

'Scotland Forever!' is the iconic 1881 oil painting by Lady Elizabeth Butler depicting the famous charge of the Scots Greys at the Battle of Waterloo. Lady Butler had not been born in June 1815 when the battle (which celebrates its bicentenary this year) was fought and photography had yet to be invented.

Fact or fiction, the picture has become one of the most enduring images of the battle - an event, of course, that the artist did not see.

'Kettering at Play' by Ian Addis

Thursday 18 June

The illustrated talk will feature aspects of the history and development of Kettering's three parks - North Park, Rockingham Road Pleasure Park and Wicksteed Park. One, the product of a remarkable working-class entrepreneur, became one of the town's most popular sports-grounds. Another, a local authority venture, reflected the growing public parks movement of the late Victorian era, while the third, a successful local manufacturer's philanthropic gift to the people of Kettering, has developed into a multi-purpose leisure facility.

'Robert Kitson' by David Boswell

Thursday 16 July

Like East, Kitson (1873 – 1947), came from an industrial family and learned to draw and paint from touring with him. After graduation from Cambridge, he went to Italy and settled in Sicily where he designed and built his villa and a terraced garden above Taormina. He commissioned Frank Brangwyn to design its furniture and to decorate the dining room frieze. A large oil landscape by East over the fireplace completed this in 1913. A friend and artist companion of Brangwyn, they went sketching together and Kitson commissioned a series of major works from him in mosaic silver painting and joinery for St Aldans Leeds, the university verge, the new city art gallery and family christenings. Every year Kitson embarked on sketching tours around the Mediterranean, Great Britain, France and once to India, filling over 80 sketchbooks and creating hundreds of water colours which he exhibited at the Royal Academy and the Fine Art Society in London and the Leeds Fine arts club 

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