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Craft Showcase

August - Bernard Glyn Jones - Sculptor

Bernard Glyn JonesFor the last few years I have been experimenting with various media including reclaimed and recycled materials, the theme of 'boat sculptures' emerged over time and this is what I now enjoy and concentrate on.

Old furniture, gates and fencing form a rich supply of 'hulls' and umbrella frames provide an excellent supply of masts. Much that we discard can be put to use - the rustier and more damaged, the better.

Essentially I want my sculptures to be fun and I hope that by using the materials in a witty and imaginative way I can visually transform much that we throw away.  

September - Dianne MacRae - Ceramic Artist

Craft Case“My interest as an artist is in taking natural forms, both figurative and inanimate, out of context, often to comedic or whimsical effect. My ceramic work demonstrates a variety of ideas and notions, often working around the themes of ‘Gossips’, ‘Fishwives’ and ‘Bathing Belles’ but not exclusively.

Much of the work has developed from my observations of groups of women talking and gossiping, resulting in individuals who are sometimes alarmed, and often shocked by the words exchanged, but the arrival of the fish is purely imaginative.”


October - Stella Benford - Ceramic Artist

Craft Case, Stella BenfordIn 1983 Stella became Potter in Residence at Wicksteed Park, Kettering, where, for almost 20 years, the public could watch while she produced her pottery.

Stella now has a studio at her home in Burton Latimer, adding life size papier-mâché and recycled metal sculptures to her varied and diverse repertoire. Latterly, her paintings are in acrylics, using layers to convey different views of a subject or theme.


November - Yvonne Peabody - Gem Trees

Yvonne Peabody, Craft Case“When my daughter was born, I decided I wanted to be at home for her. I have a gem tree that I bought in America many years before that I always loved. So I said to myself, “I can do that”, 4 weeks later I had my first craft show. I took 12 trees and sold 8 of them, which definitely inspired me. A while later I started making jewellery. That was 15 years ago. I later discovered magnetism, so no more fiddly clasps! So here I am today with my gem trees and inspirational, easy to wear jewellery.”



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