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Town Centre Traffic

Town Centre Bollards and Traffic Regulation

This year saw the delivery of a new Traffic Regulation Order and rising bollards scheme for Kettering town centre. The main aims of this project were to:

  •  Reduce traffic in the High Street and Gold Street area
  • Improve the pedestrian and shopping environments
  •  Allow more events and markets to take place on the street
  •  Encourage more on-street dining (a café culture)
  •  Drive further private investment

The arrangements, as set out within the (2015) Traffic Regulation Order, are as follows:

  •  20mph speed limit throughout the zone
  • Four rising bollards – one at each gateway (access via swipe cards)
  • Collapsible bollard at Meeting Lane - to allow access out of Meeting Lane where essential
  •  Blue Badge (disabled) parking is provided on street in Lower Street and Gold Street (as well as existing parking spaces in car parks and elsewhere in town)
  •  Loading/Deliveries are prohibited during the core hours, which are between 9am - 5pm (Sunday - Thursday) and 8am-5pm (Friday - Saturday)
  •  Cycling is prohibited within the pedestrian zone; cyclists should dismount and push their bikes through.

New automatic rising bollards have been installed at High Street, Meadow Road, Lower Street and Gold
Street. Manually operated bollards have been installed at the bottom of Meeting Lane and fixed bollards
at Wadcroft. This has secured the pedestrianised part of the town centre.

There are, however, a number of specific exemptions to the above within the Traffic Regulation Order:
  •  Funeral processions connected with either of the two churches (Toller Church and Fuller Baptist Church)
  • Wedding processions connected with either of the two churches (as above)
  • Building/maintenance work on any building within the zone
  • Secure cash collections and deliveries within the zone
  • Market traders (who will have been provided with key fobs)
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Kettering Borough Council/Northants County Council vehicles
  • Utility companies undertaking works within the zone
  • The owner’s access to the one residential property in the zone (behind HSBC bank)

In the above instances it is useful to know in advance, so that the CCTV control room can be
notified. Access into the zone will be via the intercom connection.
The bollards are in operation 24/7; outside the core hours, businesses have fobs which allow them
into the zone; these fobs do not work during the core hours.

Queries about access or operation of the bollards, or inappropriate parking issues should be directed to Kettering Borough Council 01536 410333.

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