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Operational Mileage Allowance

Car mileage is paid to staff at different rates depending on whether an officer is a designated essential car user or a casual car user, and also depending on what type of journey they are undertaking.  (An essential car user is a post that requires the use of a private car in order to conduct day to day duties).  The rate per mile also depends on the engine size of the member of staff's car.

Rates for operational mileage

1000-1199cc 1200-1450cc
 Essential Users

 Lump sum per annum
 per mile first 8500
36.9p 40.9p
 per mile after 8500
13.7p 14.4p
Casual Users

per mile first 8500
per mile after 8500 13.7p

Motorcycle mileage rates are paid at 10.1p per mile for operational journeys.

Training mileage is claimed separately from operational mileage as it is paid at a rate of 14.4p per mile.

If a member of staff is referred to our Occupational Health advisors, they are entitled to claim travel expenses to and from their appointment.  Car mileage is paid at a rate of 12.6p per mile.

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