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Talks at the Alfred East Art Gallery



The Alfred East Art Gallery hosts monthly Lunchtime and Evening talks.

Lunchtime Talks

Lunchtime Talks are from 1pm - 2pm monthly.

Refreshments are available from 12.30pm until the start of the talk.

Ticket Prices: £5 per person, £3.50 with a Kettering Leisure Pass.

Evening Talks

The Friends of Kettering Art Gallery & Museum organise monthly Evening Talks, 7.30pm - 9pm.

Refreshments available.

Ticket Prices: £4 per person, FREE to Friends Members. No advance booking required.

Mayhem & Green Cheese

by John Padwick

Friday 15 September, 1 - 2pm

Lunchtime Talk

Focusing on the momentous events of the early summer 1607 when Midlanders wee in revolt against local landowners and King James I Stepped in to restore order, in what we now call the Levellers movement.

The Parks of Kettering's North End

by Ian Addis

Friday 20 October, 1 - 2pm

Lunchtime Talk

Often overshadowed by Wicksteed Park, Kettering's North and Pleasure parks have less familiar but equally fascinating histories. This is their story in words and pictures.

The Great War: Magic Lantern Slides

Kevin Varty

Friday 17 November

Lunchtime Talk

This Magic Lantern presentation shows how illustrations of the Great War, seen by the Home Front, were heavily censored due to the Defence of the Realm Act. This often led to a version of events that was far from the truth. Included in the presentation is a rare selection of uncensored American slides which show a different side to the story. The glass slides shown are all original WW1 items.

Dad's Army

Steve Dimmer

Friday 10 December

Lunchtime Talk

Possibly the most loved comedy series of all time, the Dad's Army story is traced from its initial concept and lukewarm first reception, to its eventual place as a constantly hilarious sitcom with an audience of 28millions. This talk celebrates the timesless comedy, and whatever you do DON'T PANIC!

William Carey

by David Milner

Wednesday 20 September

Friends Evening Talk

And The Trumpets Shall Sound!

by Steve Weston

Wednesday 18 October

Friends Evening Talk

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