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Craft Showcase


The Craft Showcase changes every month, displaying a variety of crafts.

All items in this showcase are for sale at the Alfred East Art Gallery

If you are interested in exhibiting in the Craft Showcase please email us at museumandgallery@kettering.gov.uk  


Stella Benford, Mixed Media

"Taking a theme of shanty type houses, I have used ceramic and papier mache media for this exhibition. I love the quirky shapes formed by these little favela's which unfortunately are seen far too often around the world. The actual houses are precariously built on top of one another, but with artistic license I have exaggerated them to the point of ridiculous, as is my way!"

Stella Benford


Ruth Rignall, Felt

"I enjoy hand knitting as an instant and portable way of responding to the world around me and the ideas that develop from what I see. There is a balance of control and surprise in the process of designing a knitted piece to transform into felt; the soft wool yarn becomes a sturdy fabric." 


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