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What Exhibitions are on at the Gallery?

GalleryThe Alfred East Gallery has a regular series of changing exhibitions by local artists, as well as a permanent collection gallery displaying the work of Sir Alfred East, T. C. Gotch and others.

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Heritage by Facets Textile Art Groups

25 February - 8 April

Large Gallery


"The FACETS TEXTILE GROUP is delighted to present its latest exhibition at the Alfred East Art Gallery in Kettering. The starting point for our inspiration was to study Boughton House, a local site of great significance. This exhibition consists of diverse ideas, techniques and images to convey the beauty and importance of our heritage from every perspective. Whilst many pieces of work are directly based on the house and estate at Bougton (and may be recognisable to those who know it), other work is sourced from various locations.

From the representational to the more abstract, images are very personal, according to individual's memories or experiences, but we hope that this selection will stimulate interest and appreciation of our cultural and visual heritage.

PREVIEW: Saturday 25 February 2pm - 4pm

Echoes of the Past by Cousin Frank Studios

Cousin Frank Studios

25 February - 8 April

Long Gallery

"Photographs show a captured moment now gone, a memory faded and a life lost. They represent a trace, a fragment, a small slice of life that we will never fully know. They witness that an event happened, something passed in front of a camera for a split second, leaving but a trace of their passage. They are but a reminder of absence and memory."

Around the World in 18 Frames

4 March - 13 May

Around the World...

Small Gallery

Now is your chance to take that once in a lifetime trip.

Pack a bag, slap on some sunscreen and see the world, all without the hassle of the airport.

Through 18 frames, follow the journeys of artists from the Alfred East Art Gallery's Permanent Collection as they visit, Morocco, Japan, Australia and many many more of your favourite destinations.

You can even write us a postcard! Do you enjoy receiving postcards as much as we do? We are attempting to send the Collection far and wide in a branch-off project 'Alf Flies East'. Visit the Gallery to pick up a postcard and get sending.

An exhibition organised by Museum and Gallery Apprentice, Jodie Neely.

EVENING VIEWING: Thursday 16 March 6 - 8pm

The evening viewing will feature the unveiling of the newly-conserved painting 'Lake Bourget from Mont Revard' by Alfred East. The debut of which will be followed by a film introduced by Claire de Lorme from Aix-les-Bains.

Fill this [Space]

15 April - 20 May

Fill this [space]

Large Gallery

At Kettering Museum and Art Gallery we recognise the number of artists wanting to exhibit at the Alfred East Art Gallery and the motivation and inspiration that drives artists, young and old, to get involved in our diverse exhibitions.

For one year only we have decided to adapt our 'Open' exhibition to allow more participation from all artists; this will enable us to support more talent in the region and allow us to create an affordable art exhibition for everyone!

PREVIEW: Thursday 13 April

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Small Printing International by Leicester Print Workshop

27 May - 22 July Small Print

Large Gallery

An exhibition of 150 mini prints made by 92 artists working across the region, the country and internationally.

Almost every printmaking process is represented including intaglio, lithography, relief, screen printing and digital prints.

Images from Home and Away by Roger & Nannette Whiteway

27 May - 24 JuneExhib

Both Roger and Nannette enjoy painting landscapes in the open air and then upgrading the results in the studio to finished paintings. Whereas Nannette prefers painting in oils and watercolour, Roger takes on a different approach and opts to paint in acrylics. Both artists are members of the Leicester Society of Artists.

Permanent Collection Displays

ContinuousThe Exile

The Alfred East Art Gallery holds a significant collection of 19th and 20th century fine art. Comprising works by many notable British artists and with large collections by Sir Alfred East and Thomas Cooper Gotch, the collection is a valuable resource for research and enjoyment alike.

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'The Exile' by T.C Gotch © Kettering Borough Council

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