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Frequently Asked Questions: Advice and benefits

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Advice and benefits FAQs

Q: What happens if you appeal against a benefit decision?


When we get your appeal, the Appeals & Overpayments Officer will look at the original decision again.

If we agree the original decision is wrong and the new decision is to your advantage, we will write and tell you our new decision and your appeal will stop. If you do not agree with this new decision, you can appeal within 1 month period again against this new decision.

If we agree the original decision is wrong but the new decision is not to your advantage, we will send you a new decision letter and appeal rights of 1 month period will re-commence.  If your appeal continues or we do not change our original decision, your appeal will be sent to the Appeals Service, along with the Council's submission of the details of your case.
A copy of our submission will also be sent to you with a form (TAS1) which you must complete and send to the Appeals Service within 14 days.

If you do not return the TAS1 form to the Appeals Service, your appeal will stop.

The form will ask you if you would like to come to the hearing or have a paper hearing to have the appeal looked at based on the reasons given in your letters. If the Appeals Service accept your appeal they will advise you of the date and place of hearing, which is normally held at The Cornmarket Hall, Kettering.

Last updated 21/07/2011

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