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Polling Stations

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Polling Stations
The returning officer must provide a sufficient number of polling stations and must allot the electors to the polling stations in such manner as he thinks most convenient.  A list of the polling stations used in the Kettering Borough Council area is available to view here

One or more polling stations may be provided in the same room or building. The returning officer must provide each polling station with as many polling screens as may be necessary in which the voters can mark their votes screened from observation.

Provision is made at Polling Stations to ensure that access to the voting process is available to all. Special low-level polling booths are provided, and staff are trained to assist electors when required. Pictorial guidance, large print version of documents, devices to assist with voting and ethnic minority language notices are provided in each polling station.

The Returning Officer for elections in the Kettering area tries to limit the number of electors that are allocated to polling stations to around 1500, which is a much lower figure than advised by the Electoral Commission.

Apart from election staff, the following persons are allowed in the Polling Station :

• voters
• persons under the age of 18 who accompany voters to the polling station
• the candidates and their election agents
• the polling agents appointed to attend at the polling station
• the clerks appointed to attend at the polling station
• persons who are entitled to attend as Observers
• any Police Constables on duty
• the companions of voters with disabilities