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Craft Showcase

The Craft Showcase changes every month, displaying a variety of crafts.

All items in this showcase are for sale at the Alfred East Art Gallery

If you are interested in exhibiting in the Craft Showcase please email us at museumandgallery@kettering.gov.uk  

June: Laura Partington

Wire Sculpture

In these scluptures I have attempted to capture nature in motion; creatures in flight, floating, running or poised ready to scuttle off. Wire is a wonderful medium for suggesting movement and casting interesting shadows.


July: Jo Archer

Unique Accessories

A new collection of gothic jewellery and accessories from Jo Archer of The Crow Road.


August: David Haynes

Wood Turner

My bowls are made from locally sourced hardwoods which I usually turn in their 'green' unseasoned state, which means that they often warp or distort as they dry, and before they are finished by sanding and applying oils.


September: Carol Jacobs


My work continues to be a development of my interests in adding colour to clay and casting slips first experienced on my MA Course in Staffordshire University. This is achieved by using both industrial and handmade processes resulting in accidental and controlled outcomes.

Work takes the form of vessels produced in sets of three, where individual pieces provide functional objects but combined create visually interesting sculptural forms.


October: T&B Artisans

Jewellery Makers

T&B Artisans i.e. Luis Todino & Liliana Bollani.

'We consider the craft of jewellery to be a form of self-expression. We enjoy when we work with silver and other materials while using traditional, as well as non-traditional metalsmithing techniques. We make unique pieces and small collections, commissions and bespoke pieces.'


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