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What is Local Council Tax Support?

Local Council Tax Support

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Local Council Tax Support Scheme 2017/18

Kettering Borough Council undertook consultation in October 2016 for its 2017/18 scheme.  The scheme was reviewed and changes ratified by full council.  For 2017/18 the minimum payment will remain at 45%.  Temporary absence from home rules will be brought in line with Housing Benefit and provision has been made to adopt the changes to child premiums to align with the Housing benefit scheme.


Council Tax Support was introduced in April 2013 to replace Council Tax Benefit as a result of changes made by Central Government. Previously, 100% of the cost of Council Tax Benefit payments was reimbursed to local authorities – under the new scheme the Government continues to reduce the level of funding provided.

The new scheme for working age customers had to operate on lower funding and following extensive consultation the scheme reduced the maximum award of support from 100% to 85%. This meant customers had to pay at least 15% of their bill. This was phased in due to transitional funding and in 2013/14 the minimum payment was 8.5% and in 2014/15 was 15%. Following further consultation the minimum payment rose to 25% in 2015/16 and 45% in 2016/17. It will remain at 45% in 2017/18

The scheme is administered at a local level and is currently split between the following two areas:
• one for pensioners which is a national scheme
• and a local scheme for working age customers.
Pensioners are protected by legislation and their scheme will remain unchanged, this consultation relates solely to the local working age scheme.

In 2013/14 certain exemptions on empty properties were amended in order to assist funding of the shortfall in the new scheme, these amended exemptions will remain in place and no further amendments are proposed.
If you have any questions about the proposals or consultation please contact us by:

Phone: 01536 410333
Email LCTS@kettering.gov.uk

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